Mini Lambas – Wellspring Visits Karaj
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Last Monday was a special day for a few special little people! Wellspring Learning Community brought 9 talented children to Lamba Labs to learn about hackerspaces, the hacker community and the do-it-yourself attitude that the Lambas pride themselves on.

After a great interactive presentation about hacker culture, the space was divided into 5 stations, each station representing a project the Lambas have worked on. These included the 3D printer, the Kinect, Bristlebots, Emily the telepresence robot, and the laser harp. The kids were then divided into groups and would move between stations, each having a Lamba member to explain the project on show.

Despite working wonders at major events like SHARE and TEDx can be, handling 13 and 14 year old children in a space full of awesome tools and machines can be a daunting task for even the Lamba members. But they performed admirably as the kids were visibly moved and excited in regards to the mindset and passion of hackers. The kids were awestruck by the projects and kept proclaiming: “this was the best field trip ever!” At the end, the kids were given their own 3D printed Lamba Labs logo to hang proudly in their classroom. The Lambas once again proved that they can bring smiles and wonder to all audiences, and hopefully these little Lambas will grow into major DIY enthusiasts in the future.

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  1. Aidan says:

    I loved that field trip. It was the best field trip ever because I learned new things in a fun way and because I got to make a cool little robot. I hope I get to go there again.

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