Making Beirut v1.0
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Karaj and Beirut Design week invite you to Making Beirut v1.0, a show opening on Wednesday June 27th featuring flying copters, weird robots, surfaces turned interactive, social RFID and many more oddities. The show consists of an open studio and is the first showcase of some of Lebanon’s up and coming hardware hackers, and a sneak peak into the upcoming Beirut hackerspace ahead. Join us for a unique experience that will show you a side of Beirut design you’ve never seen, a community hacking its way into the city as they want to see it.

Whether you are a technology geek or just a curious soul, into hardware or software, you can come meet and discuss with makers from Lebanon.

Opening: Wednesday June 27th at 6pm.
Show opens every day from Thursday 28th till Saturday 30th of June from 12pm till 6 pm.

Expect robotic creatures

Expect photographic experiments

And expect many more hardware head twisters.

Here is a list of some displayed items:
Moore Pattern by Jeff Lieberman
Ejet, Ejet (Elusive Electricity)  by Ayah Bdeir
Sociatag by Wassim Hakim
PicoSpaces by Marc Farra, Maya Kreidieh
Water Droplet Photography by Innovo-smart solutions
Mighwar by Innovo-smart solutions
Firefighter Bot by Innovo-smart solutions
Shakerbot-Snakeboard inspired robot by Sevag Babikian
Sound Triggered Flash by DepotBeirut team
Emily the waiter robot by DepotBeirut Team
CHECKOIDS by Bassel Jaafar, Stefano De Luca, Wassim Chidiac and Jean Charles Hage Boutros
Hexacopter by DIYdrones

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